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WINE (All Mevushal)

Wines are not part of Rav Shamai's Hechsher



- Montesano Sauvignon Blanc  (Hashgacha OR)
Citrus aromas and a fresh finish.

R$ 82 (bottle) / R$ 44 (half a bottle) / R$ 25 (150ml cup)


- Dalton Sauvignon Blanc 2017  (Hashgacha OR / Ungar)
Light, with crunchy acidity, combining the fruity aromas of citrus fruits and guavas.
R$ 178 (bottle)
- Dalton White Canaan 2017  (Hashgacha OR / Ungar)
Semi dry, with grapes from Galilee. Blend with Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay, Semillon, Viognier and a touch of Moscato.
R$ 156 (bottle)



- Montesano Rose  (Hasgacha OR)
100% Cabernet Sauvignon grapes, with a floral and fruity aroma.
R$ 82 (bottle) / R$ 44 (half a bottle) / R$ 25 (150ml cup)


- Siviano Rose 2017  (Hasgacha OR / Rottenberg)
Dry, strawberry and raspberry notes, crunchy, floral and fruity.
R$ 132 (bottle)



- Montesano Cabernet Sauvignon (Hasgacha OR)

Aromas and flavors of blackberries and blueberries that balance with their smooth tannins.

R$ 82 (bottle) / R$ 44 (half a bottle) / R$ 25 (150ml cup)


- Haut Vallon 2016 (Hasgacha OR / Kedassia)

Bordeaux, well structured with aromas of fruit, plum, ripe black cherry and licorice.

R$ 176 (bottle)


- Jerusalem Hills Merlot
With ripe tannins and medium body, this wine has aromas of dark fruit in jam and secondary aromas of chocolate and coffee.
Pairing: Pasta, pizza.
R$ 216 (bottle)

- Jerusalem Hills Cabernet Sauvignon  (Hasgacha OR)
More austere, with a medium-high body, light and soft tannins and aromas of black fruit in jam, smoke and toast.
Pairing: Pizzas, Pasta and structured fish such as Salmon and Tuna.
R$ 216 (bottle)
- Dalton Canaan Red 2017  (Hasgacha OR / Ungar)
Blend of Shiraz, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Petit Sirah grapes. Notes of black pepper, cherries and plums.
R$ 156 (bottle)
- Dalton Estate M Cabernet Sauvignon 2017  (Hasgacha OR / Ungar)
100% Cabernet Sauvignon, dark hue, rich and well balanced. Characteristics of field fruits such as blackcurrants, berries and mint.
R$ 163 (bottle)


- Tempranillo terrain  (Hasgacha OR)
Medium high body wine, emphasis on fruit, incredible aroma of fresh red fruits and great freshness in the mouth.
Pairing: Stuffed pastas, pizzas.
R$ 140 (bottle)


- Pinot Nero Pavoline  (Hasgacha OR)
Light-bodied wine with fresh red fruit aromas.
Pairing: Pasta with tomato sauce, stuffed pasta with white sauce. and pizzas.
R$ 140 (bottle)

- Pavolino Rosso  (Hasgacha OR)
Medium body wine, with an emphasis on freshness, light and round tannins, ripe red fruit aromas.
Pairing: Pasta with tomato sauce, pizzas and fish such as Salmon and Tuna. 
R$ 170 (bottle)



- Milesimate  (Hasgacha OR)
Incredible citrus aroma, tropical yellow fruit, medium body and great freshness in the mouth.
Pairing: White fish, Sea bass Paella, Poke and Asian foods. 
R$ 168 (bottle)

- Gavioli Bianco (Hasgacha Rottenberg)
Sweet white muscat, bouquet of tropical fruit notes and a touch of apricot.
R$ 120 (bottle)



- Jerusalem Hills Muscat 'D Alexandre  (Hasgacha OR)

Sweet and fortified white wine to finish your meal.
Pairing: Desserts, Creme brulée, Pudding, papaya cream.
R$ 42 (30 ml)

- Dalton Anna 2018  (Hashgacha OR / Ungar)
Made by the solera method in a blend of moscato grapes. Aromas of dried flowers, apricots and notes of citrus zest.
R$ 42 (30 ml)

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